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Problem Solution Essays Examples. In most cases, problem-solution essay represents an argumentative writing piece where a particular challenge is chosen as a research topic. Once a problem is identified, one or more solutions are offered with brief explanation as to why specified method has been chosen. Tasks of this type are usually divided in. Jul 25,  · In composition, using a problem-solution format is a method for analyzing and writing about a topic by identifying a problem and proposing one or more solutions. A problem-solution essay is a type of argument. "This sort of essay involves argumentation in that the writer seeks to convince the reader to take a particular course of action. IELTS Problem Solution Essays: In this type of essay you have to discuss a particular problem, and then present ideas to solve that problem. Learn how to write a problem solution essay for the IELTS test with a quick method that will produce a well-organized answer.

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You may not be familiar with the problem-solution essay, but you probably aware of the broader genre in which it exists: the persuasive essay. If you problem solution essays examples how a problem-solution essay fits under the persuasive umbrella, the explanation is a simple one. First, you have to convince your readers that the issue you are describing is, problem solution essays examples, in fact, a problem.

Second, you need to persuade your readers that the solution you are suggesting is the best solution. This introduction may be an introductory paragraph in a shorter essay, but could also be several paragraphs or pages of introductory material in a more complex essay. The most important part of the introduction is letting your readers know why you have chosen to write about this particular problem. The second part of your introduction is to give the reader a brief description of your solution, problem solution essays examples.

The body of your problem-solution essay is going to focus on describing your solution. Your solution may be theoretical or it may be a very involved step-by-step solution. How involved your solution is may depend on the length of your essay, the complexity of the problem described, and problem solution essays examples level of writing for your essay. Just keep in mind that if you are asked to write the essay for a higher-level class, you will be expected to write an appropriately-detailed solution.

Furthermore, you want to consider whether or not the solution requires a chronological approach. Finally, the conclusion of your essay will serve to problem solution essays examples your readers why you chose the particular problem and give a thumbnail version of your solution. Depending on the efficacy of your solution, you may want to end with a call for further suggestions for solutions. Ciba Vision Problem-Solution Example 1, problem solution essays examples.

This created a negative perception of a lack of affordability of CIBA's core products. CIBA took note of this problem and collaborated with I2, a supply chain company.

It set the goal of keeping product availability at major retail establishments at Before embarking upon its venture with I2, the product supply chain was highly fragmented, resulting in shortages in many areas and causing the price to spike online, problem solution essays examples.

The result was a series of unhappy customers. This also had the effect of deterring new customers from trying CIBA Vision products, because of the perception of the product being unnecessarily pricy. Collaborating with a singular company allowed for a higher level of product…… [Read More]. Advance Directives Problem Solutions. The writer explores what they are and problem solution essays examples solution to reduce problems with them.

There were three sources used to complete this paper. The past few decades have seen an increase in law suits revolving around the final medical wishes of those who fall ill. Media coverage has provided the nation with problem solution essays examples row coverage when it comes to problem solution essays examples in comas, vegetative states, and no hope of recovery.

Family members are often pitted against each other and the hospitals as the patient lays waiting for a decision to be made. One of the things that has been increasing in popularity to prevent such problems is the use of advance directives. While advance directives are gaining in popularity and power their relative infancy creates an atmosphere for problems. Advance directives can lay to rest painful family decisions, as well as doctor decisions that may or may not agree…… [Read More].

Problem Solving Problem Representation and. The text denotes that "the process of problem representation may seem automatic or trivial in some respects, but it is a critical component of successful problem solving.

And the ways in which problems can be represented are as varied as problems themselves. This representation will, in turn, critically effect the nature of the problem solution, which will arise out of that which the individual can rationally perceive as appropriate, feasible and desirable where solving the problem is concerned. Chapter Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Solution-Focused Therapy The author of this paper is about to offer a brief literature review of what has come to be known as solution-focused therapy.

Included in that literature review will be several specific topics or examples that are within the solution-focused therapy paradigm. These include the history of the theory, problem solution essays examples use of language to help create a solution-focused therapeutic environment, the role of family history when it comes to solution-focused therapy, the shift from a problems focus to a solutions focus in a way that benefits the client, the development of problem solution essays examples short vignette that is based on a family situation, global goals of the treatment method using the language of theory, problem solution essays examples, interventions that should be used at each stage of treatment those being beginning, middle and end and a succinct summary of all of the above.

There are certainly other methodologies that can be used when treating…… [Read More]. Solutions to the Problems in Accounting and Finance. The cash fow by operating activities is prepared by reconciing from the net income to the net cash. As being reveaed in the Microsoft statement of cash fow, the net income, depreciation, amortization, account receivabes and others are used to arrive at the net cash.

In the problem solution essays examples fow statements, the depreciation and amortization are added to the net income based on its accrua basis. The Microsoft added the unearned revenue to the net income because the company has aready received money for the product and services not yet fufied.

As a resut, the company has the ega obigation to suppy these good and services to the purchaser. In other words, the unearned revenue is an equivaent of the net revenue that…… [Read More]. Solution Identification. Solution Identification To identify a solution, one must understand the nature of the problems.

In addition to what has already been identified, it is worth noting that failure problem solution essays examples reach the original objectives is not just an execution problem, but a problem with the objectives themselves, problem solution essays examples. So the failure to reach an unrealistic goal is hardly a failure at all; it was inevitable.

So a starting point is to set realistic objectives before worrying about why they problem solution essays examples not reached. That said, there is more that the company can do.

Never turning over bosses is another solution. One of the identified issues is that there was a new boss who took months to figure out how to do their job. That's not exactly professional caliber.

In that case, if there are no professional caliber employees…… [Read More]. Solution Focused Brief Therapy Sfbt. As in family brief therapies, reconstructing a family's life according to each member's interpretation and reflection helps the therapist identify the family member who adopts a constructive or destructive view of the 'reconstructed family life.

It is caring, however, that guarantees the client support and a safe return in a future session, now matter how the…… [Read More]. Solution Focused Brief Therapy Today, problem solution essays examples. For example, Jones and Charlton note that it is possible to develop appropriate problem-solving techniques in the following four major areas: 1.

Identifying the goal which is appropriate and achievable; 2. Identifying exceptions to the usual pattern of problem solution essays examples 3. Measuring the student's progress towards achieving the goal; and, 4, problem solution essays examples.

Providing useful and positive feedback. Finally, SFBT can be used either as a "stand-alone" counseling approach or in tandem with other techniques. Solution-focused mental health counselors do not view SFBT and traditional models of treatment as incompatible. Collaborating with clients to create counseling goals, be they directed towards abstinence, problem solution essays examples, self-help group attendance, problem solution essays examples, changes in thinking errors, or some other goal of the client's choosing, selves to enhance motivation to change" p.

Likewise, Jones and…… [Read More]. This encourages people to speak their minds, rather than to simply go with the procedural flow.

Solution-oriented decision making can be very positive experience for people committed to their jobs, who wish to exhibit excellence and be treated as valued members of a team, and who want to get ahead by distinguishing themselves -- there is no room for people who merely want to punch a clock and work at a solution-oriented organization. A culture of creativity at a solution-oriented workplace creates a safe place for all employees to take risks and to float ideas that may potentially fail -- every successful idea requires brainstorming problem solution essays examples failures.

A solution-oriented workplace is also 'can do' in its attitude: there is no problem that is too difficult that it cannot be solved, provided enough people work at it for long enough, through mental effort, planning, and implementation. Solution to the Problems Affecting Leonard Cooper. The collision observed at the Leonard Cooper Charter School LAN is most likely caused by the two or more devices printers and competing workstations on the LAN most certainly attempting to effectively transmit data at al most an exact same time such as sending a print job.

The Leonard Cooper Charter School LAN therefore detects the collisions of the two or more transmitted packets as then effectively discards them. It is important to note that collisions are perfectly normal occurrences on the Ethernet networks. Solution Focused Change. Solution focused coaching involves viewing people as unique, competent, and responsive to suggestions Visser, This approach is a respectful change approach Bodien, in that it acknowledges and works with the perspective of the client defined solutions that are unique to the client.

The solution focused change approach is based on several assumptions from Bodien, : Problem analysis and problem diagnosis are not needed to achieve positive change and to solve problems.

This assumption indicates that the focus in the solution focused change approach is on understanding what is desired by the client as opposed to defining and trying to ascertain what factors of the client's history contributed to their current situation or complaint.

Thus, solution focused change approach is proactive and allows the client to get right to work as opposed to spending time ruminating on history, problem solution essays examples, causes, etc. Assumption 2. Vividly describing the desired future is the…… [Read More].

Solutions to the Present Value Problems. Solutions to the Present Value Problems The study uses the formula below to solve the problems. Problem of Evil God Evil. Bibliography dams, Marilyn McCord. Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God, problem solution essays examples. Belliotti, Raymond a, problem solution essays examples. Roman Philosophy and the Good Life. Plymouth: Lexington Books, DeRose, Keith. Draper, Paul.

Dueck, a. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker,


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Jul 25,  · Second, you need to persuade your readers that the solution you are suggesting is the best solution. Therefore, we suggest you approach a problem/solution essay in much the same way as you would a persuasive essay. In the introduction of your problem/solution essay, you are going to focus on telling the reader why the issue is a problem. IELTS Problem Solution Essays: In this type of essay you have to discuss a particular problem, and then present ideas to solve that problem. Learn how to write a problem solution essay for the IELTS test with a quick method that will produce a well-organized answer. View High band score examples of IELTS problem and solution essays. IELTS Problem/Solution Essay Sample 3 - Crime. IELTS Writing Task 2 problem/solution essay example that is a band score 8. The question is > In many countries the age of criminals is getting lower. Give reasons and solutions to .